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When Arden Grange Pet Food was launched it was the first product of its kind to be able to name human-grade fresh chicken as it's primary ingredient. Since then we have been building on our knowledge and experience developing nutritionally superior dry dog foods, dog treats as well as cat foods. They are formulated to very high standards and attention is paid to the proportions and diversity of sources of the nutrients, so they provide optimum nutrition for your cat or dog.
not-testedArden Grange provides the very best nutrition, ensuring health and vitality throughout your pets lifetime and represents wholesome ingredients, excellent palatability and visible results in the condition of the animal. Our "Not Tested on Animals Guarantee" logo, which you will find on all our packaging and literature, demonstrates our commitment to the welfare of animals.
We have not and never will fund any invasive research projects conducted in relation to the development or refinement of pet foods manufactured or sold by our company. Nor would we be party to any act that could be deemed harmful or injurious to animals. If you have any nutritional or product related enquiries please call our office on 01 8253779 or email

Arden Grange -Nutrition without Compromise