Partners 'Sensitive'!

partner-sensitiveThe new recipe, like its complete dry counterpart, is grain free and contains white fish and potato as the main ingredients, perfectly suited to dogs with particularly sensitive skin or digestions.

'Partners' from Arden Grange has long been regarded as an excellent complete, wet range due to the highly palatable recipes which are ideal for discerning eaters. The soft consistency and high moisture content make Partners useful for feeding during recuperation from conditions such as kennel cough or sore mouths, and may aid in cases of mild constipation.

The wet recipes are lower calorie than dry food - great for dieting dogs or those with a larger appetite. The new Sensitive recipe has extra benefits due to its gentle formulation. Dogs with loose stools or colitis may benefit since the lower fat content (2% as opposed to 8% in the Lamb & Chicken flavours) may help prevent more fat residue from accumulating in the large bowel which may then cause further secretory diarrhoea. It may be a suitable alternative to a low fat prescription diet in some cases of pancreatitis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and liver disease.

It offers an economical alternative to the wet prescription diets currently available as exclusion diets as it is egg and grain free and low in carbohydrates for dogs needing to avoid or reduce their intake of these ingredients due to digestive complaints.

The Partners range remains one of very few brands of wet food which includes glucosamine and chondroitin (as well as yucca, cranberries and nucleotides).

The range now includes three delicious recipes including; 'fresh chicken with rice', 'fresh lamb with rice' and the new' Sensitive fresh white fish and potato'.