Arden Grange are renowned for producing not only super premium quality, highly digestible pet foods, but also extremely palatable ones.

We know that good nutrition is vitally important but this has little meaning if your pet refuses to eat the diet that you have chosen! This is why our dog & cat kibbles are specially designed to ensure maximum palatability and all of our recipes are taste-tested by our own pets in non-invasive trials so that we can offer the assurance that our super-premium kibble dog & cat food will be enjoyed!

Our kibbles are friendly because we have taken into account all of the following: -

Texture: Texture is important to cats and dogs. Puppies and smaller dogs prefer smooth kibbles. Cats are deterred by rough textures.

Density: The correct density of the kibble ensures that it is satisfactorily crunchy when fed dry, but easily soaked for those pets preferring a moist diet.
Size: You will see from the photographs that the kibbles are of an appropriate size and shape for the species and age group at which they are marketed.

Taste Preference: Our kibbles are coated with a delicious natural coating that is free from any added salts or sugars.